Grief Pedigree

Grief Pedigree

“All get a life but not all gonn’ live”

( Ka: Days With Doctor Yen Lo)

“In play nothing is serious, but something is presented, produced, given in representation”

 (Paul Ricoeur: What is a text? Explanation and Understanding) 

“…for the Vodunist, the threat of experiencing is the threat of a death more real than physical death."                       

(Sylvia Wynter: Towards The Sociogenic Principles)

“All I ask Lord, is Lord look away”

                                      (Ka: Grief Pedigree)

Our disposition is that we won’t be forced to play chess with people who do not understand the rules. That means we are distancing ourselves from those who have been looking at blackness (Mode-of-being) from the point of view of those old concepts like“black is a mental state” or “black is a matter of skin color”. As a matter of fact these are the people (Black Consciousness people?) who we’ll dedicate our meeting to discussing.

Needless to say we now know that the idea that blacks are human is rather new in the modern scientific world. Because the preoccupation of the black radical tradition has continued to show us how far away we are from understanding the sources of the problem in our present age, it becomes important that we see what the tradition has been showing us, by looking at our “societal prophets”. We can at least name three levels of social analysts cum prophets in our present society. We have firstly the university people who with the privilege of the academic resources continue to masquerade as better equipped social doctors. Secondly we have the “social activists”, these are our friends who have left the university space, those who have proclaimed themselves revolutionaries and proclaim to play “outside the system”. We know this group of young people masquerade around art as a medium to address social and spiritual ills (of this group despises the first). The third ones are of course politicians, our friends who have continued to play the game of “believing in your own lies” better than anyone in our society, and they also proclaim to be more informed social doctors because they possess more resources than anyone (state resources) and everybody knows.

As we are seriously aware, at stake here is the race for the “black solution”, they can all deny it but we all know that is the goal. In actuality these are the groups that are competing for the domination and mystification of society. We should be able to expose these groups for 1. Dishonesty (claiming to do this in the name of “the people” or art sake) and 2. Laziness (here we know that all these people have claimed to be hard workers, but they have failed to dedicate their energy to the real issue and yet have been claiming to work harder than the blue collar workers).

We are also aware that these groups are everywhere around us, they set the discourse of the day, they set the discourse of creativity, thinking, philosophy, art, economy, historiography, sensibilities, taste and more. Let us briefly before we conclude, show why these groups are actually friendlier with one another than they have claimed. We know that our university people with their informative resources are experiencing a difficult transitional period where the society does not only care about the amount of knowledge and where the tradition demands more and sharper intellectual rigour. The society and the tradition are demanding from our academics to do thinking and practice at the same time. Hence our friends here are walking around claiming to be social activists like our second group. Also we can see from the second group, that there is no such thing as “outside the system”, whatever that is.

However our second group is as hypocritical as the first. Here we have seen our friends who have criticized institutional spaces (of education particularly) as being restrictive, marginalizing and lacking spiritual nourishment. In fact they are correct but we know that our social activists have claimed to know more than our university friends; they have claimed to have read institutional knowledge more than our academics. In fact we can say this group wants to be accepted as much as our university friends. More so, our friends have taken art as a tool to proceed to launching a revolution in our society, yet art here functions for its own sake. Is art and creativity the same thing? In other words, can 'non-motivated functions of art' really be qualified as art or just mere creative expression. 

We have seen that which is common to both of these groups of young people who control our discourse. Their insincerity to the search of knowledge have led them to talk about things they do not have an idea about. Indeed this is usually the case with the youth structure. This must allow us to speak more at length about our social ills and hypocritical states...